Saturday, January 7, 2012

CT Call

I'm looking for some personal CT's for my taggerkits and for my Fullsize kits

Requierments for taggerkits:
- 2 kits a month
- 1 kit at the time
- send your tag and tut trough yahoo groups and or facebook groups
- and offcourse have lots of fun with it

Requierments for fullsizekits:
- 2 kits a month
- 1 kit at the time
- 2 LO's with a kit
- place youre LO's in 2 or 3 forums/ groups etc
- and offcourse also have lots of fun

Do you want to join my CT just sent me an email with your blog link or with links where youre creations are if you do not have a blog.
You can sent an email to this addres

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